03/04/2015 - 14/02/2016

Anne Frank

The Abbey of Stavelot hosts the Anne Frank House “in residence” for 10 months with a brand new “Anne Frank” exhibition

The Anne Frank House (Amsterdam), the Verviers department of culture, and the Abbey of Stavelot have joined forces to produce a new exhibition telling the story of Anne Frank in its historic context. This hitherto unseen exhibition will be an opportunity for many visitors, especially schoolchildren, to learn about the history of Nazi Germany, the Occupation during the Second World War in Europe, and the Holocaust.  During the tour, visitors will be encouraged to think about the events leading up to the Holocaust and how the challenges of the past affect us today.

Genocide and crimes against humanity are not confined to the past, and nationalism, racism and anti-Semitism did not disappear after the military victory over Nazi Germany in 1945.

Working with the Anne Frank House education team, Abbey of Stavelot Education Department has set up guided tours of the exhibition, with three themed workshops where visitors can learn more about what they have seen.