Stavelot Abbey: revaluing the past, reconstructing the future

Established in the heart of a town, nestling in the SpaMalmedyStavelot Golden triangle, where culture and folklore have been living in harmony for a long time, the Abbey observed to be the driving force behind an ambitious heritage and tourist project.

Since its opening in 2002, the walloon Region has been furthering the economic redeployment of a town and its region by rooting its future in its History. The Abbey has moreover just been rewarded by the walloon Region wich awarded it the maximum recognition of its „5suns“ quality label, ranking it among the best tourist attractions, a first in Europe!

The Abbey‘s management is entrusted to the nonprofitmaking association Espaces Tourisme & Culture.
The latter association takes care of the property management, the tourist promotion, heritage enhancement and the organisation of the activities on the site.

The walloon Heritage Institute presides over and provides support to this association in its tasks and carries out, in coordination witj the Walloon Public Service, WPSHeritage Department, the upkeep, the maintenance and layout works necessary for the conservation and the development of the Abbey.

The importance of Stavelot‘s outstanding site was consecrated when it was listed as a major heritage landmark of Wallonia. Stavelot Abbey is one of the oldest monastic foundations in Belgium.

For any type of organisation, with its wonderful cloister garden, its three truly international standard museums, its prestigious rooms and its ageold cellars, Stavelot Abbey is undoubtely the pleasure destination…