11/06/2021 - 06/03/2022

Exhibition : “Cartooning for Peace”

From 11 June 2021, take a look around our new temporary exhibition

Cartooning for peace, journalistic drawing and freedom

Following the Danish caricatures controversy in 2005, the exhibition takes on the task of re-examining the limits of press cartoons and, by these means, more generally of freedom of expression not only in Belgium but right across the world.

The exhibition comprises 2 sections:

Freedom of expression in press cartoons.

To mark the 15 years since the establishment of Cartoon for Peace (Paris), an international network that brings together 225 cartoonists, Stavelot Abbey and the association join forces to present a selection of press cartoons on major societal themes and freedom of expression: censorship, rights of women and minorities, ecological emergencies, migration fluxes, paedophilia etc.

In a few strokes, always humorously and ironically and as an ode to diversity and tolerance, drawings denounce, accuse, and translate citizens’ concerns.
At the exhibition’s focus are drawings, short films, interviews with press cartoonists that explain the “limits” of journalistic drawing.
Set out to discover these deeply committed artists: PIERRE KROLL (exhibition curator – Belgium), JOEP BERTRAMS (Netherlands), BOLIGAN (Mexico), FIROZEEH (Iran), MAREC (Belgium), PLANTU (France), RAYMA (Venezuela), WILLIS FROM TUNIS (Tunisia), etc.

Press drawings and caricatures in Belgium since 1830.

Belgium’s history could be retold through journalistic drawing, such is the prolificness and variety of that genre.

Monarchy, schools wars, community problems, political scandals, heritage…

Belgium is an ideal playground for press cartoonists!
Stavelot Abbey presents precise themes through the medium of 19th, 20th, and 21st century images originating from Belgian institutions, private collections and renowned cartoonists such as VADOT, KROLL, JOHAN DE MOOR, COST, STRIPMAX, OLI, SONDRON, KANAR, ROYER and many more.